Insomnia? Allergies? Stress? Let’s clear the air. Some
houseplants not only remove toxins in our environment but
also promote drowsiness, several studies confirm.
JASMINE: Jasmine fragrance, working in ways similar to
barbiturates, eases anxiety and encourages sleep. German
researchers tested the scent on mice and watched them curl up
and sleep.
ENGLISH IVY: This plant helps clear the air of mold spores,
says a former NASA scientist who has researched how to keep
space station air clean.
LAVENDER: Lavender bouquets and essential oils are
popular as sleep inducers, but try a houseplant, too.
ALOE VERA: A hardy succulent, it vacuums up unhealthy
indoor chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
while you catch your zzz’s, another NASA study showed.
BOSTON FERN: Back in the day, upscale hangouts were
called fern bars because of this ubiquitous decoration. Turns
out that Boston ferns remove formaldehyde from the air.
SNAKE PLANT: No green thumb? This plant, an air cleaner, is
about the simplest to care for.

(Written by Claire R McIntosh for AARP Magazine, Jan/Feb 2018)