sunny-side up, this add-on improves most any dish!

Seems every
restaurant is getting in on the “top a dish with a fried egg” craze.  It’s also an easy, delicious trick to enjoy
at home.  Try some of these combos:

Fry your eggs sunny-side up in extra-virgin olive oil for better health
and flavor.

Whole-grain avocado toast

                     Roasted or home-fried
rosemary potatoes

                     Southern-style grits

                     Whole-grain pancakes, crepes or waffles

                     Corn bread

Lunch:         Turkey burger

                     Grilled portobello

                     BLT sandwich

                     Sauteed white beans &
kale or other greens

Dinner:        Polenta with Parmesan

                     Vegetable Pizza

                     Whole-grain linguine with

                     Stir-fried shrimp

                     Chicken chili