It’s a Wonderful Life in Bailey Park…… Moving to this active adult community opens up possibilities.  We take care of unwanted tasks, get rid of all the needless worries, and surround you with resources and inspiration.  Bailey Park gives you peace of mind and more free time for the people and things you love most.  Bailey Park will give you the best of both worlds…country living in picturesque surroundings with access to larger communities of culture, shopping and fun.  Bailey Park 55 plus community is truly “A Wonderful Life”.

Bailey Park is 45 minutes from Wyoming Valley Mall & Lycoming Mall 

Berwick or Bloomsburg is only a 30-minute drive away.

There are multiple bus trips held in the area for Seniors that enjoy New York City, Philadelphia and Atlantic City.

For the Sportsperson:   Fishing abounds in our local creeks, Briar 

Creek Lake in Berwick & Lake Jean at Ricketts Glen State Park!

Benton has some of the best hunting around as we are surrounded by State Game Lands.  

Call us today for your personal tour of Bailey Park….It truly is “A Wonderful Life”

  570-925-2077  or email us:

Fun Facts about February

  • It is the shortest month of the year.
  • The Welsh call February “y mis bach” which means “little month”.
  • It is the third month of winter.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere February is a summer month the equivalent of August.
  • The month is named for the Latin word februum which means purification.
  • Together with January, it was the last of the months added to the Roman calendar.
  • The largest American sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, is held in February.
  • The Saxon term for the month, Sol-monath, means “cake month”. This is because they offered cakes to the gods during this month.

Born on February 22…. George Washington (1732-1799) was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He served as commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and became the first U.S. President.

February 20, 1962 – Astronaut John Glenn became the first American launched into orbit. Traveling aboard the “Friendship 7” spacecraft, Glenn reached an altitude of 162 miles (260 kilometers) and completed three orbits in a flight lasting just under five hours. Glenn was the third American in space, preceded by Alan Shepard and Virgil “Gus” Grissom who had each completed short sub-orbital flights. All of them had been preceded by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who was the first human in space, completing one orbit on April 12, 1961 – a feat that intensified the already ongoing Space Race between the Russians and Americans. Glenn’s successful flight showed the Americans had caught up and was followed in September 1962 by President John F. Kennedy’s open call to land an American on the moon before the decade’s end

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.