1) Surround yourself with optimistic, mentally tough people.
I tell my clients to pretend luck doesn’t exist. Lucky people are just people who don’t stop until
they succeed. Overemphasizing external factors outside your control is the quickest way to lose
motivation. The most successful people I know are mentally tough enough to maintain
optimism over the long term, despite the setbacks that occur (and they will—trust me!). they
also tend to be friends with each other, so one of the best hacks for boosting your luck is to
spend time with positive, resilient people. —Karla Starr, Professional Life Coach
2) Recognize that you are lucky already.
Luck is the lens through which you see the world. The simple act of noticing the blessings in
your life can make you feel like the luckiest person alive. Take the Bewitched episode where
Darrin receives a “lucky” charm. There’s actually no spell on the charm, but because Darrin
believes he’s lucky, he feels more confident and notices one good thing happening after
another. Use Darrin’s sitcom situation to inform your own reality: If you wake up and tell
yourself you’re going to have an amazing day, you’ll likely ride a wave of serendipity too.
—Ken Carter, PhD…Emory University

3) Prepare, prepare, prepare…..
Luck has this otherworldly, mythical air, but it boils down to preparation. When an opportunity
comes along and you’re ready to receive it, that’s when luck happens. In Irish folklore, a young
warrior’s first task was to catch a hare, and then he’d walk into battle wearing the rabbit’s foot
around his neck. It wasn’t a magical lucky charm; it was a reminder that he could get home
safely because of his hard work and preparation. —Mark O’Gearain, Experience Manager
National Leprechaun Museum
4) Refocus your Attention.
Where your attention goes, energy flows. So if you ask yourself, “Why do I have such crappy
luck?” rest assured that your subconscious will deliver all sorts of reasons. When you complain
about the challenges life throws at you, all that energy is wasted. Instead, pose a more
beneficial question, such as “What steps can I take to improve this situation?” You’ll increase
your luck by no longer engaging in past behaviors or unhealthy patterns and by focusing on
what is working. When you allow less-than-ideal situations to get under your skin, you push
yourself farther from your own rainbow. —Shama Dhanani, Meditation Teacher
5) Have Faith in the Cyclical Nature of Life.
There are times when we feel lucky and everything falls into place. When luck is nowhere to be
found, we can feel stuck in the mud. Most people think luck is random, but there is energy in
our environment that flows in predictable cycles, influencing the situations we draw into our
lives. Through classical feng shui, we gain awareness of when and how these cycles affect us
and use elemental strategies to improve our “luck.” You can take advantage of unfavorable

cycles to learn, grow, deepen your faith, and strengthen who you are. That way, when good
cycles roll around, you’ll be in a better position to bring opportunities to a higher level of
fruition. —Cynthia Lee Chan, Feng Shui Instructor