For years, Peggy ran every morning before work with her friend Maureen.  But when Maureen’s sister developed breast cancer, they decided to slow down and train for the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk fundraiser.  “It was life-changing to walk with no competition to finish and with the mantra ‘If we were not so busy trying to get ahead, perhaps no one would be left behind,’” Peggy says.

That was nearly 22 years ago.  Since then, Peggy and Maureen have done 33 more fundraisers, and they say their team has raised over a million dollars for breast cancer research.  Along the way, the two gave up running due to sore knees.  

“Walking has been tremendous for us,” Peggy says.  “The slower pace allows us to take in more, to watch more of the dolphins in the ocean, and to discuss blessings and challenges in a way that can only be done with the time and sense of freedom and privacy that walking side by side brings.”

(Peggy Paul for Real Simple, July 2020)