Happy Teeth

Keep your pet’s chompers healthy and strong with this vet-backed advice. BRUSH DAILY Brushing for about one to two minutes a day can prevent many types of dental disease.  Try doing it at night, as a sleepy pet might be more cooperative.  To get your pet comfortable, spend a week on each of the following steps, offering a treat after each session:   Week One, let him smell and taste toothpaste made for pets.   Week Two, apply a dab to his teeth. Week Three, let him lick it off a pet toothbrush Week Four, brush the front of his teeth, focusing...

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"Exceptional! From planning through the different phases of construction they listened to what we had in mind and also offered good advice and direction where we needed it. Overall a very pleasant learning experience without the horror (heard by others building homes)." - Bob & Diane Hubler

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