1. Q:  Do you own your land?

A:    YES!  It’s no different than owning a home somewhere else with the exception of membership in the Association that takes care of all of your unwanted tasks.


  1. Q:  How much are the Maintenance Fees?

A:    The maintenance fees are $150 per month once the construction process is complete or $75 per month if you choose to just buy your choice lot and build later.


  1. Q:  What do the maintenance fees cover?

A:    The maintenance fees cover lawn care, snow removal from street & sidewalks, garbage, street lights, common area maintenance, mail boxes and community sign maintenance just to name a few.


  1. Q:  How long do I have to build?

A:  You have 5 years to build your home from the date the lot has been purchased.  You can purchase your choice lot now and build your home later to ensure you have the perfect lot to fit your needs. 


  1. Q:  How much are taxes?

A:    Taxes are approximately $1,800 – $2,500 every year.


  1. Q:    What kind of heating and cooling system comes standard?

A:    Your house will come standard with geothermal heating and cooling which is one of the most efficient systems on the market today.


  1. Q:  Does Bailey Park Flood:

A:    No part of Bailey Park has ever seen any water.


  1. Q:  Are the homes handicap accessible?

A:  Yes, all homes are handicap accessible.


  1. Q:    What kind of warranty comes with the house?

A:    Your house comes with a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty with longer product warranties.


  1.  Q:   Can I sell my home to anyone?

 A:   Yes, as long as they are age qualified.


  1.  Q:   Do both parties have to be 55 years of age?

 A:   No, just one of the parties need to be 55 years of age.


  1.  Q:   Are Pets Allowed?

 A:   Yes, there is a maximum of 2 indoor pets allowed.


  1.  Q:   Can these homes be rented out?

 A:   Yes, As long as you are age qualified.


  1.  Q:   Who can use the Clubhouse?

 A:  Any Owner, Renter and Guests accompanied by an Owner or Renter