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Bailey Park 55+ Community Home Models

2 Bedroom Plan - 1292 S.F.

3 Bedroom Plan - 1292 S.F.

The Bailey Park 55+ Community 3 bedroom floorplanThe Bailey Park 55+ Community 2 Bedroom floorplan

Bailey Park 55+ Community
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Bailey Park 55+ Community Model Home

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Beer Facts and Fiction

Beer is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, and that has bred myths about the best ways to store, age, refrigerate and drink it.  Here are several myths - and truths:

Re-cooling makes beer stale.  False.  Beer experiences substantial fluctuations in temperature during shipping.  Changes are only harmful if the beer is in extreme heat.

Sunlight "skunks" beer.  True.  Sunlight is the nemesis of beer; even exposing beer to indirect sunlight for long periods will cause it to "skunk".

Bottle color affects shelf life.  True and false.  It's not color so much as translucence.  Clear and green bottles allow in more UV light than brown.

Beer must be shipped, stored and aged cold.  False.  In fact, certain beers - mainly unpasteurized, bottle-conditioned craft beer - can be aged in cellars, just like wine.  While cooler temps are ideal, anywhere in the 40-70 degree range is fine.

Putting beer in the freezer is any easy way to "quick chill" it.  True.  You can do this, but do not ever freeze beer, because the bottle will explode when frozen.  Leaving it in for a few minutes should be fine but may alter the taste a little.



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