“Beautiful afternoon and there are 4 residents playing shuffleboard ( the girls won), one resident is pulling up garden plants for winter, I am cutting herbs for drying and freezing, one resident is making her twice daily turn around the park on her walker.    It is a “beautiful life”  in Bailey Park.”


“We were just thinking that we want to tell Innovative Designs (Rick Iddings, and his amazing crew of subs) how much we love our new home here in Bailey Park. Our house is so high quality, and the feed back from family and friends has been very positive. the house lives large, and is so easy to care for. It truly is “A Wonderful Life”.

~Bob and Nancy Houck, 70 Bailey Park Drive.”

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"Exceptional! From planning through the different phases of construction they listened to what we had in mind and also offered good advice and direction where we needed it. Overall a very pleasant learning experience without the horror (heard by others building homes)." - Bob & Diane Hubler

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