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Bailey Park 55+ Community - A maintenance-free retirement community for adults 55 and over in Benton, PA!

Living at Bailey Park 55+ Community is A Wonderful Life

Enjoy a wonderful life at Bailey Park 55+ Community of Benton, PAWhat happens when people move to Bailey Park 55+ Community? Suddenly "It's A Wonderful Life", because moving to this active adult community opens up possibilities. We take care of unwanted tasks, get rid of all the needless worries, and surround you with resources and inspiration. Bailey Park 55+ Community gives you peace of mind and more free time for the people and things you love most. Bailey Park will give you the best of both living in picturesque surroundings with access to larger communities of culture, shopping and fun. Bailey Park 55 plus is truly "A Wonderful Life".

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7 Dangerous Products

7 Dangerous Products

Step Stools—Losing your balance and slipping off one of these can cause back injuries, knee injuries and bone fractures, so make sure yours in stable.  Look for a stool with sturdy legs, fitted rubber tips and a base that’s wider than the top.  When using, hold on to something stationary.

Dryers—These appliances start about 6,000 home fires every year.  The culprits may be defective dryers or excess lint that was never cleaned out.  Check the lint traps after every load.

Lawn Mowers—They cause some 80,000 injuries each year.  Wear sturdy shoes and eye protection, and check your yard for stones and other debris that can be thrown by your mower.

Bed rails—Designed to enhance safety, they can injure children or older people if improperly installed or badly designed.

Humidifiers—Keep your humidifiers clean.  If they’re not properly maintained, you can get sick from the buildup of mold and bacteria.

Blenders—From lacerating blades to the risk of scalding when hot liquid is splashed, beware the blender.  The government logged 9,000 blender injuries in 2014.

Toasters—These everyday devices cause thousands of fires—including several fatal ones—each year, according to federal watchdogs.  Clean out the crumbs and unplug when not in use.  Ditto for toaster ovens.

(as written in the April 2016 edition of AARP Magazine)


8 Steps to a Safer Backyard

Be an inspector—Take a close look at balconies, porches, railings and outdoor furniture to see  if there are any missing or rusted nails or fasteners.  Also check for splinters, buckled or loose boards, and uneven stair treads and discolores areas.  Make sure there are no cracks or gaps in your pathways that could trigger a fall.

Say so long to slick surfaces—Keep your driveways, walkways and garden paths clear of leaves, branches and other debris.  After a heavy rainfall, be attentive to puddles and slick surfaces, and wear shoes or boots with good treads.

Give your lawn a once-over—One misstep on uneven surfaces and you can lose your balance.  Ask a friend or family member to walk around your yard with you to check for hazards such as roots, fallen branches, rocks or bumpy ground.  They may see something that your missed.

Don’t try to be Mr. or Ms Fix-it—If your mower or weed whacker breaks, take it to a professional repair shop.  Throw away broken garden tools.

Keep it handy—If you have to root around the shed or garden, or reach up on high shelves, accidents are more likely to happen.  So place within easy reach the yard equipment that you use most frequently.

Follow this step—We are at the highest risk of ladder injuries during fall months when we clean gutters, hang outdoor lights or do yard maintenance, according to a study by the Oregon Health & Science University Trauma Program.  Climb a ladder only when someone can be there to spot you.  If you’re at all wary about climbing, don’t do it.

Get slip-resistant— Add abrasive strips or rubber stair treads and use deck paint that has a rough texture.

Install outdoor lights—Put in the ones that are motion-sensitive.  Don’t neglect the porch, pathway, driveway and backyard.

(as written in the April 2016 edition of AARP Magazine)

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